[By Train]
Take the Nankai Koya Line from Nanba Station to Koya-san Terminal (From Gokurakubashi, take the cable line).
The Express Train - One hour and thirty minutes (4 express train operations a day).
The Rapid Train - One hour and fifty minutes (Every 30 minutes).
[By Car]
From Osaka, it is about two hours thirty minutes, by way of Koya-san Doro (Routes 370 and 480) leading from Kudoyama Cho. From Kinan, take the Koya Ryujin Skyline to Koya-san. Form Kansai Airport, it takes about two hours.
The Koya-san Cho Ishimichi Hiking Trail The Nankai Koya Line Kudoyama Station - Jisonin - Hutatsu Torii - Yatate - Daimon. Distance: Approx. 21km Time to Destination: Approx. six hours.

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