The Morning Service

 From early in the morning, we will pray for all the spirits enshrined at Fudoin and peace in the society.

Scripture Transcription

 In our quieit environment, you can have a quality time transcribing the 262 words of "Hanya Shinkyo scripture" with all your heart and find a great peace of mind. ( * Advance booking required.)


 Make a quest for your-deep-self through "Ajikan" (Shingon Zen). *"Ajikan" is a method of meditation introduced by Kobodaishi. WIth meditations, you will look at yourself, feel Buddha and realize that the world is one.

  Ajikan The letter "阿" (pronounced as "a", as in "apple") is the first letter in the Sanscrit alphabet, with the letter itself being a principle signifying the origin of all things in the universe. In Zen Buddhism, people sit in front of walls and meditate, with their legs folded in a Zen way, but, in Shingonsyu, we do this in front of a scroll picture of "阿" letter and moon.

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Indoor View


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